The main products are low voltage feed switch intelligent integrated protector, fan intelligent control, electromagnetic starter comprehensive protection device, high voltage distribution device comprehensive protector, coal mine high and low voltage intelligent comprehensive protector and other equipment
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A brief introduction about the electromagnetic starter

A brief introduction about the electro


Electromagnetic starter (electromagnetic starter), by the electromagnetic contactor and overload pro...




Zhejiang Chi Exhibition Intelligent Technology Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Zhi Technology Exhib    ition"), is a focus on research and development, production and sales of industrial programmable controller, fan pump air compressor automatic protection device and automatic control system, mine explosion-proof switch intelligent protection device and mine monitoring substation and power monitoring system, automatic control of coal mine system, sensor / acquisition equipment, remote terminal unit, wireless transmission equipment and other automatic control equipment, the products are widely used in mines, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, real estate and other fields.

There are close technical cooperation and exchanges between China and Zhejiang University, China Metrology University and other colleges and universities. The company has a high quality, high level, vibrant research and development team. The developed products have advanced technology, independent intellectual property rights, many invention patents, utility model patents, design patents and software copyrights.