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  • About the main functions of the PLC electrical control cabinet has the following several aspects
  • Editor:ZHEJIANG ZHIZHANGKEJI CO.,LTDDate:2017-06-22 11:15 Click:

PLC is installed in the cabinet by the frequency converter with peripheral control, protection, display and other electrical components and a cabinet body, the three-phase AC motor (including fan, pump) of AC drive device and an energy saving device of variable frequency control. The main function of the PLC control cabinet is as follows:

Safety protection: the frequency converter installed in the frequency converter cabinet, can reduce environmental pollution, reduce the risk of electric shock, play a better role in protection.

Start and stop control function: frequency converter cabinet is equipped with variable frequency start, variable frequency stop button, used for frequency conversion device operation control, convenient for field operation.

Frequency (speed) adjustment: frequency adjustment potentiometer is set on the frequency converter cabinet panel, which can easily adjust the output frequency of the inverter manually, so as to control the motor speed.

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Neat and beautiful: the inverter installed in the frequency converter cabinet, and with other low-voltage distribution cabinet of the same size, color consistency, keep the coordination of power distribution facilities and control devices, neat, beautiful.

Power switch and protection: a low voltage molded case circuit breaker is connected with the incoming power supply in the frequency converter cabinet. Besides the connection and breaking circuit, the short-circuit and overload of the circuit and inverter can be protected. The power supply can be cut off during maintenance.

Meter display: frequency conversion cabinet panel arranged on the voltage meter, current meter, frequency meter and all kinds of lights such as power indicator, alarm indication, operation indication, power indicator, input voltage, output current, monitoring frequency and all kinds of working condition of inverter.

Standby power switch: the user can choose the frequency counter, a standby switching frequency when the inverter fault occurs, the automatic control circuit will switch to the motor power supply (this can choose manual / automatic starting device, power frequency is greater than 15KW with soft starter).

Multiple control functions: according to the system conditions of various control buttons and lights such as forward and reverse, motor, reducer, motor growth to move forward, move the reverse, manual / automatic, emergency stop, frequency / power, PLC control is set in the frequency conversion cabinet panel, touch screen etc..

The installation of peripheral equipment: according to the conditions need to be installed in the AC input reactor, frequency conversion cabinet output DC reactor and EMI reactor, filter, brake unit, braking resistor, contactor, relay, thermal relay, programmable controller (PLC), programmable operation terminal (GOT), electric meter, cooling fan etc..

PLC is the electrical switch cabinet and auxiliary equipment, measuring instruments and protection assembly in a closed or semi closed equipment in a metal cabinet or flat on the electrical wiring requirements, if everyone on the PLC cabinet have need, you can contact us will show the order!