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  • Principle of microcomputer protection device composition of hardware system
  • Editor:ZHEJIANG ZHIZHANGKEJI CO.,LTDDate:2017-07-25 14:16 Click:

microcomputer protection device hardware system constitution principle:

A data acquisition system, data acquisition system can also be referred to as the analog input system, including voltage formation, low pass filter, sampling (S/H), multi-channel switch (MPX) and analog-to-digital conversion (A/D) and other functional blocks, complete the analog input signal is converted to digital data processing system can identify the.

Two, the data processing system: data processing system includes a microprocessor includes a microprocessor (MPU), read-only memory (ROM) or flash memory unit (Flash), random access memory (RAM), timer, parallel interface and through the interface etc.. The microcomputer executes the program, analyzes and processes the original data from the data acquisition system to the RAM area, and completes the measurement, logic and control functions of various relay protection.

microcomputer protection device

Three, switch input and output interface circuit, switch input / input parallel interface system of micro processor (PIA or PIO), photoelectric isolation device and contact the intermediate relay. In order to complete a variety of protection, trip signal, external contact input, man-machine dialogue and communication etc..

Four, communication interface: communication interface includes a variety of communication interface circuit, in order to realize multi machine communication or networking.

Five. Power supply: power supply microprocessor, digital circuit, analog to digital converter chip and relay power required.