The main products are low voltage feed switch intelligent integrated protector, fan intelligent control, electromagnetic starter comprehensive protection device, high voltage distribution device comprehensive protector, coal mine high and low voltage intelligent comprehensive protector and other equipment
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  • Fan product advantages of intelligent control cabinet is introduced
  • Editor:ZHEJIANG ZHIZHANGKEJI CO.,LTDDate:2017-06-01 14:30 Click:


fan intelligent control cabinet product advantages are as follows:

First, safe and reliable

Parameters include the total air supply, regional temperature and humidity, air quality, regional pressure difference, monitoring the cleanliness of the filter network, start and stop the fan and monitor the operation, automatic, fault state, etc..

Two, high degree of automation

A variety of automatic working mode (constant temperature, constant humidity, constant pressure difference, etc.), and can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the needs of various working conditions.

Three, high efficiency and energy saving

Advanced theory to support the energy-saving work mode, more effectively improve energy efficiency ratio.

Four, powerful

The windows monitoring interface is easy to operate, and the advanced and distributed network structure is the real-time centralized monitoring of the host computer in Xi'an.

Five. Convenient communication

The standard network protocol is adopted in the system network, which is easy to integrate with other related systems.