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  • ZLCQ - 1 b microcomputer intelligent low-voltage electromagnetic starter protection functions
  • Editor:ZHEJIANG ZHIZHANGKEJI CO.,LTDDate:2017-05-17 14:39 Click:

ZLCQ-1B microcomputer intelligent low-voltage electromagnetic starter protection device basic functions mainly in the following aspects:

First, the short circuit fault on the starting load side, the timing speed limit breaking protection. For the overload of the starting load side, reverse time protection and alarm are implemented. The energy release and accumulation operation are carried out for the intermittent overload of the starting load side, and the reverse time is implemented Limited protection. Alarm when overload.

Two 、 leakage lock protection: when the load insulation resistance of the starting load side is lower than 40K ohm +20% (1140V) and 22K ohm +20% (660V), the leakage locking function can be reliably realized. Take protection when the incoming voltage is less than the set undervoltage value. When running the show Chinese characters of grid voltage and current of three-phase load current value, as well as the remote control / control, Operation status of single station / connected platform.

Three, the trip reason of long-term memory (can be repeated access), with detailed records of reason fault trip 20 times before, can record the cumulative switching times, total working time, can simulate the fault test of self checking function, make sure it is not running with fault.

Four, electronic watch function, can accurately locate the work time, with wind power locking function, air leakage locking function.

electromagnetic starter integrated protection device

Five 、 phase breaking function: it can check the phase of three phase load and protect the phase.

Six, two level password function, to prevent irrelevant personnel operation, password function can be opened and closed.

Seven, through the door button can conveniently realize remote control / close control, single / combined conversion operation. It has electronic trimming function.

Eight, special designated communication network protection: to the superior station transmission real-time network voltage, load current, insulation resistance, closing the switch, state alarm, fault tripping reasons and the reasons The tuning position of all parameters, etc., can be achieved by the upper computer remote control, including parameter tuning, time tuning, extension number setting, etc.. Specific transmission of information, according to user requirements and set up a special communication protocol.

If you want a more detailed understanding of ZLCQ-1B microcomputer intelligent low voltage <a href= "" target= "_self" title= "electromagnetic starter integrated protection device > electromagnetic starter integrated protection device basic function, you can contact us will show consulting. Sincerely look forward to your call!