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  • Water pump control cabinet common four big problem solving methods are all here
  • Editor:ZHEJIANG ZHIZHANGKEJI CO.,LTDDate:2017-07-11 16:11 Click:

constantpressure water pump control cabinet , intelligent water pump control cabinet is one of the main products we will show, about its use note, we will show quite understand. Therefore, in the user use of water pump control cabinet process, more or less some problems, we will give answer.

Common intelligent water pump control cabinet problems mainly in the following aspects:

First, the liquid level control is reversed

The main phenomenon is: water (water) water tank is overflowing (anhydrous), the control cabinet to start work, and anhydrous (pool is full), stop control cabinet and use instead.

Correct solution: compared with the explanation of floating ball switch, that is, the water supply is normally closed, the drainage is normally open, and the ball is re connected to the float line.

Two, star delta decompression, starting motor line error

The main phenomenon is: when the motor starts normally, and when it goes to operation, the motor stops suddenly or the air switch is disconnected.

The correct solution is:

Switch to the motor in operation, check the wiring diagram to check whether the motor terminal to the control cabinet terminal wiring is in line with the electric circuit diagram, and adjust the wiring after verification.

Turn off the air switch when running, check whether the copper wires on the terminal of the motor are all removed or connected to the skin of the cable.

constant pressure pump control cabinet

Three, the starting torque of self coupling decompression is not enough

The main phenomena are as follows: the starting torque of the motor is not enough when the starter is started.

The correct solution is:

Check whether there is lack of phase phenomenon.

The tap of the autotransformer 65% is changed to 80% tap when heavy load is started. (routine = 65%)

Four, less than 15kw of one or one type of direct starting cabinet, can not fail to switch.

The main phenomena are as follows: when the fault is switched, the main AC contactor coil of the main pump can be removed one line at any time, but the pump can not be automatically switched to the standby pump.

The correct solution is:

The normally open contact of thermal relay is used as the fault signal due to the fault signal of a standby control cabinet under 15kw. When the switch of the solid test is switched, the "97" and "98" of the heat exchanger are broken, which leads to a fault test for one person.

If you appear in the usual use of intelligent water pump control cabinet in the process of our not mentioned above some of the problems or failures, you can contact our exhibition of technical personnel advisory solution. I believe we can provide you with satisfactory service!

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