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  • High voltage power distribution equipment integrated protector: what is a ground
  • Editor:ZHEJIANG ZHIZHANGKEJI CO.,LTDDate:2017-05-17 14:40 Click:

Grounding is a very important part of high voltage distribution device comprehensive protector . At ordinary times, as laymen, we can often hear about grounding. Simply speaking, it's for safety. However, the details of grounding, I believe many people do not understand.

Grounding is an important safety measure to prevent leakage accidents of electrical equipment, and "ground" generally refers to the earth. But in electrical terms, it has a deeper meaning. Grounding is to establish an electrical conduction path between a system component and another system (or between a reference point). "Land" in electrical and electronic systems usually has two meanings: one is "the earth", and the other is "system base"".


Grounding means to connect a part through the grounding device and the shallow Syria low-voltage power distribution equipment and solutions of electrical equipment; zero connection refers to the conductive parts of electrical equipment to normal uncharged (such as metal shell) Connect with the zero line of the power grid.

Because the earth contains conductive substances such as water in nature, it can also conduct electricity. When the conductor is an electric contact with the earth, will be formed to take place as the center of the field where "hemisphere shaped". At this time, the grounding current flows through the conductor from the grounding point to the earth, and presents a hemispherical flow around it. Grounding and zero connection are important safety measures to prevent electrical equipment from leakage and may cause electric shock accident.

There are many things in the distribution circuit that we need to carefully protect, so there will be a high voltage distribution device integrated protector exists. Obviously, in addition, there are many seemingly tall things that we ordinary people can not understand, but, precisely because of their existence, make our lives more and more secure, more and more secure!